We currently provide Executive Protection to some of Australia's leading families and corporate executives. We work with executives of Fortune 500 companies and with some of the world's premier entertainers. 

Amongst our focus on Executive Protection we would look at the following. 

  • Produce a threat assessment
  • Provide secure communications
  • Analyse local stay schedule / itinerary
  • Verify integrity of local accommodation and venues to be visited (pre departure)
  • Conduct electronic check of accommodation
  • Consider security and safety of proposed surface travel
  • Provide situation report as required
  • Provide hardened vehicle with GPS tracking and specialist driver
  • Check mail, courier deliveries and goods delivered
  • Supervise all baggage transfers
These measures are by no means exhaustive. They can be increased, reduced or modified to meet individual needs. In case of group travel, visitor specific protection itineraries may be advisable. We do however, strongly recommend that a threat assessment be undertaken. 


Our consultants can recommend cost-effective and workable security strategies, which manage the risks faced by clients' organisations, and are sensitive to their corporate objectives and operating environment. These services include Crisis Management and Risk Assessments. 

We are well versed in the provision of consultancy services to special and major events such as 

  • Major Sporting Events
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Concerts
  • Religious/Cultural festivals
Our services are flexible to your needs and come at an affordable price.  


Shodan Security can assist in the composition of contingency plans and standard operating procedures, a critical but often overlooked aspect of any efficient security system. In case of emergency, no matter what the aspect or origin, every individual in the corporate hierarchy must know precisely what actions he or she is expected to take.  




It is an unfortunate situation that wherever we are and whatever we do, security must be taken seriously. Whether it is personal or property security, having it dealt with in a highly professional manner takes some of the pressure from you or your staff. As flying in private aircraft is becoming more popular, so is the need for protection both on and off the airfield. 

We supply a security service to fully integrate into the itinerary of anyone travelling today. Whether it is a quick stop off for a business meeting or a casual stay for the Olympics, Shodan Security has all the facilities to make your stay as safe and secure as possible. 

From ensuring your aircraft is met and dealt with in a timely fashion and securing it on the tarmac, providing suitable electronic measures or personnel on station, to providing security drivers and vehicles (limousines, etc) who are able to have a positive impact on your stay in Australia.  



Fully experienced security officers whose normal functions include static guarding and carrying out the client's instructions in full. Possessing skills of communication, liaison, flexibility, assertiveness & ability to control any given situation. Equipped with mobile telephone & a back-up of 24 hour control room plus other services for assistance such as mobile patrol & dog handlers. Our guards know that they are backed by a management team with many years experience. Our staff know that the company they work for has a proven track record and our guards do their job better because of the confidence this knowledge instils.  

Available uniformed or plain-clothes, armed and unarmed to suit client needs. Commercial or domestic requirements from guarding to patrols. Any situation can be covered providing both male and female staff. 

Removing the threat or worry from the client at times of need & in particular on any emergency response basis.  


A security officer will attend your premises at random times during the day and/or the night when the premises are empty or unattended, to ensure that there has been no unauthorised entries or attempted entries. The customer may nominate the number of patrols undertaken although we can advise if necessary. Our security warning signs are displayed on the exterior of the premises we are to patrol as a legal obligation and to act as a deterrent in itself. A cost effective security facility. 

Security Officers on duty are required to make regular contact with the Control Room, via a check call system, establishing their status relating to Health, Safety, and Welfare. Should any Check call be missed, emergency procedures are instigated.  


For clients whose premises are fitted with an intruder alarm system we are able to offer a service whereby we can dispatch a security patrol officer to attend the premises in the event that the alarm activates to investigate for signs of unauthorised entry and to liaise with the emergency services on the clients behalf.  




Providing our customers with customer care and efficient alarm response requires more than reliable technologies. The most valuable component of our monitoring service is the highly trained people who respond to and process the alarm events. Shodan Security employs dedicated alarm centre staff to ensure alarm, account data and customer follow-up are part of a consistent monitoring program.  

Shodan Monitoring Centre, is located in Sydney, providing 24-hour-a-day manned monitoring for all types of alarm systems. Here, alarm signals from banks, offices, warehouses, plants, retail stores, and residences are received via signal channels or standard telephones. Each signal is encoded as to the type of emergency (intrusion, personal emergency / hold-up, fire, sprinkler system, etc.) enabling the Centre to instantly notify the proper authorities, be they the police, fire, ambulance, mobile security response vehicle or a service technician on a 24-hour-a-day basis.